Responsible Betting Advises

Responsible betting is strongly supported by  As you already know our main priority is to offer accurate football predictions but take into consideration that you cannot record sufficient profit unless you are in a strong mental condition. Our team has specially created Responsible Betting Advice section in order to reveal to its priceless customers some useful tips and hints that could prevent you from long-losing runs or provide you with pieces of advice that will make you see beyond the ordinary bettor’s eyes :

Responsible Betting Advice 1:

You have to bet initially just for fun and entertainment, the profit comes second. Limit your big expectations and recharge with patience. The seeds of your future success have been already planted.

Responsible Betting Advice 2:

If you suffer from a long array of losses, stop for a while, have a rest. If Football Betting is something like a roller coaster for you with its constant ups and downs, probably it is not for you. Not everyone was born to be a bettor.

Responsible Betting Advice 3:

Do not bet with stakes higher than 10% of your whole bank account. Otherwise, you are risking to lose all your money at once. Our team could provide you with tips and recommendations about the management of your bankroll. Please, do not hesitate to ask your questions using our Contact Form.

Responsible Betting Advice 4:

Do not spend too much time in You are risking to be constantly under the negative influence. Do not neglect the other aspects of your life – family, friends, leisure activities.

Responsible Betting Advice 5:

The team of strongly recommends taking regular breaks from gambling. Otherwise, you are risking to suffer from a bad mental condition, addictedness and etc.

Responsible Betting Advice 6:

Our team recommends not to bet while you are under the influence of drug, alcohol abuse or strong remedies prescribed by your doctor.

Responsible Betting Advice 7:

Do not look for fast and immediate profit. You can lose the money won in the same way – immediately. Be patient. Create your own strategy.

Responsible Betting Advice 8:

Bet with strategy. Find your niche. Limit yourself in just a few major leagues for the beginning. Use all the information you have at your disposal while preparing your predictions.

Responsible Betting Advice 9:

Manage your bank account. If you have any questions concerning the management of your funds, you can contact us anytime at [email protected].

Responsible Betting Advice 10:

Always use the bookmaker that offers highest possible odds for a particular event. You are not obliged to use the services of just one.

Responsible Betting Advice 11:

Our team recommends not to make betting selections consisting of too many events. Probably you own the skills, knowledge, and competence to predict successfully 3 or 4 events in one day. Do not always rely on that – some key player may get an early red card or probably your favorite will suffer from too many injuries and suspensions at one time.

Responsible Betting Advice 12:

It is quite recommended to follow the odds alteration for a particular event. If you notice a sufficient variation in the odds for a particular betting selection for a short period of time, please contact us If the odds of your event increase dramatically quick, you will have to make the decision whether to cash-out at once or not. You could be a victim of a fixed and manipulated game.

Responsible Betting Advice 13:

Follow your deposits. If you make deposits too often, you have to rethink your betting situation. Please, ask your bank assistant to provide you with monthly statements about the flow of your deposits.

Responsible Betting Advice 14:

Be objective. Successful betting is based on unprejudiced decisions. Sometimes you have to bet against your favorite team. Do not be superstitious. If you have sufficient information and arguments for betting against them, do not hesitate to earn money immediately.

Responsible Betting Advice 15:

If you are in a winning row, please try not to be over- Even under the influence of positive emotions, it is quite likely to break your successful array.

Let’s make betting more responsible process! If you have any questions about how to bet responsibly you can contact us 24/7 at [email protected].